About Us

About us

It is most certainly the age of the explorer! What with stressful city lives, and hustle and bustle of traffic, who could stop the yearning to escape into the jungles, or beaches which abound our island country? To paraphrase everyone is bitten by the travel bug today, and we go about it in our on ways, be it through luxury vacays or off-the beaten track treks and hikes. Tripads.lk aims at making traveling an easy affair for the modern explorer. As fun as it can be, travelling also requires extensive planning, attention-to-detail, sourcing information and purchasing equipment. Tripads hopes to simply all of this for you, by bringing it all under a one-stop-shop with convenient access.

How Tripads.lk works

Redefine travelling in the digital age

We are a novel company that helps you find all things required for your next big trip. With tripads.lk just a few clicks away, you have to look no further to plan your trip to the very last detail. Our website includes details of hotels- be it hostels for solo travelers or luxurious destinations, vendors that sell travel gear, equipment, and details about vendors in the locality that you wish to travel to; practically everything from A to Z of what you may require for your trip. Browse through our website categorically to sort your overwhelming checklist; source products before your travel or at your travel destination.

If you are an advertiser

Tripads.lk allows you the chance to list your business free of charge and helps find the right customers. If you are a provider of accommodation, service or products, listing yourself on Tripads.lk provides visibility to attract clientele that may be travelling to your destination, or interested in availing your service. If you wish for a certain business edge, speak to our sales team, to bump your ads for specified rates. For more information, contact us on support@tripads.lk